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Areas of expertise

Criminal defense

We will defend you

if you are accused of having

committed a criminal offence.

Family affairs

We support you with divorces,

cohabitation and marriage contracts,

KESB measures, inheritance,

parental custody arrangement etc. 

Victim protection

We stand up for you

if you are affected by

a crime and secure your claims.

Living and working

in Switzerland

We advise you on obtaining residence titles

in Switzerland, naturalisation, expulsion and downgrading of your permit,

asylum requests etc.

Rent and leasing

We protect your rights in the event of

rent reductions, terminations of the tenancy agreement, etc. 


We will assist you with

dismissals, employer's references,

wage claims etc.

Further areas of expertise

We also support you in other legal matters.

Get in touch with us!

Contacting us is unconditional. We will find a mutual agreement regarding the costs of our services.  

Plus we always check whether the costs of our services would be covered by the state.

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